If Tomorrow Never Comes

I first heard the song If Tomorrow Never Comes on America’s Got Talent.  A former chicken catcher from Kentucky sat on a stool with his guitar and sang this song with passion from deep within the recesses of his soul.

The song is gripping because it deals with the stark realities of life on this planet traversing the cosmos. How many people say good-bye and see you later as they walk out the door?  Too many of these fellow travellers meet an undeserving fate on the road of life.

There seem to be too many tears of sadness and of regret.  I wish I had said that I love him/her.  I wish I knew our time was short. If it was only yesterday.

The regrets pile up like coal ash from the stove.  Before you had a shining bright lump of pure blackness, after the fossil fuel has burnt out only ash remains.

It is the ash of broken promises and dreams.  It is the ash of loved loves who departed the confines of earth way too soon.

The cruel vicissitudes of Fate seem to map our existence.  We stand powerless before the misty road not knowing what lies ahead.  One certainty is always evident:

How you choose to react to what comes your way is a testament to your choices.  As the poem says, “master of my fate, captain of my soul”.  Don’t allow regret and inaction to chart your course on the circuitous river leading into the cosmic ocean.

Never allow tomorrow to come unless you have maintained your thirst for life and love.  Never take your precious moments of time for granted.  For it is when we pause and look back that we realize how much has been lost and those who were with us on the journey to the cosmos have fallen asleep from their trek.

If tomorrow never comes for you, may you have lived life well. May you have painted with the colors of the wind and sung with the voices of the mountains.

Until that day, keep thirsty, my friends.  Keep thirsty for life and for love.


G. D. Williams       © 2011

Garth Brooks


Kevin Skinner: America’s Got Talent