A Tragic Child Death: Allison Griffor

It seems that every day on this planet traversing the cosmos there are tragic events.  The death of a child is especially horrendous.

It becomes even sadder when the child is victim of crime.  In Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday morning, shotgun pellets were shot through the door of a home around 1 am.

The father was hit as well as his sleeping child.  The child was rushed to the hospital.  She had been hit in the head.  Unfortunately, she was disconnected from life support on Friday since there was no brain activity.

Allison Griffor Daily Mail UK

Allison Griffor was 5 years old.  Unfortunately, over time she will just become another violent crime statistic, except for those who choose to remember her.

Her parents described Allison as a “silly, funny, bubbly” girl but also a “fierce friend” who took care of other children, and an emerging artist who devoted her energy to coloring “with a seriousness of a doctor in surgery.” The Post and Courier

Allison’s organs were donated to help those in desperate need.  This last act of her young life was her love gift to save additional lives. Her parents: “We always knew she was destined for greatness. We were just picturing a different way.” Ibid.

The family is returning to Michigan where Allison will be buried.  They do not plan to return to Charleston.

Allison Griffor Daily Mail UK

Violence is rampant on this earth.  There is no rational explanation.  It’s insanity from the depths of human depravity.

Children are precious.  Parents and grandparents do what they can to protect them from the mad world around them.

Give your child a hug today.  Show them your love and care.  Take time to be with them.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring to your lives.  Embrace today and live it fully. Keep your family close.


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“I’ve been in this business a long time and I’ve seen a lot of terrible and tragic events,” Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon said.  “This is right at the top of the list,” he continued.


If you’re interested in donating to the fund, donations are being accepted at any First Federal Bank in Charleston. You can also mail donations to the following address.

“Allison Griffor Fund”
Mail to: William and Allison Griffor Fund
First Federal of Charleston
PO Box 118068
Charleston, SC 29423




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