NBC has an entry this October into the realm of fairytales. Grimm takes the approach that the tales of the Brothers Grimm were based on truth.  They were no fairytales.

Sgt Wu, Captain Renard, Eddie Monroe, Juliette Silverton, Nick Burckhardt and Hank Griffin

David Giuntoli plays Nick Burckhardt, a Portland homicide detective. He has a great partner in Hank Griffin and a beautiful girlfriend Juliette Silverton.  Nick has the ring and is about to pop the question.

Along comes a brutal murder of a college student out for her morning jog.  Nick begins to see some people differently.

His Aunt Marie pulls into town with her airstream trailer.  She tells Nick that he is one of the last remaining members of the Grimm Family and his ability to see people’s true nature is “the misfortune of their family”.

Aunt Marie gives Nick a locket key which will explain all.  Her airstream is a treasure trove of Grimm Family, especially the unmasking book and the weapons.

In the tradition of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer you have to have weapons and ancient texts to combat the evil lurking in the night. A police revolver would seem insufficient, even though in the first twenty minutes Nick puts it to good use in dispatching one of the “baddies”.

Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics is featured in the first episode with good reason.  The first episode deals with the big bad wolf and little red riding hood with a twist.

NBC has this on at 9 pm EST after Chuck. Of course, this is Chuck’s last hurrah since it ends this season.  Friday night used to be the dead zone for television series, but recently viewers have been visiting the zone like the old days.

Will Grimm catch on with viewers?  It is up against the veteran CW’s Supernatural, but Grimm has an additional caveat–it’s a homicide detective series as well, with a good cast and the beautiful location of Portland.  The Northwest has not looked this good since Northern Exposure.

The Portland Police Department is providing technical assistance as well as old uniforms.  It is an economic boast for Portland, and NBC is hoping for the same for its Friday night demographic.

This show is not for young children.  It has A TV-14 V rating. So parents beware! It deals with graphic content and murder.  It is no child’s fairytale.


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