On the eastern banks of the Rhine River near the town of Sankt Goarsahausen there is a rock protrusion known as the Lorelei. For centuries this 427-foot rock formation has been associated with strange occurrences and death.

Lorelei means  luring rocks.  Like old sea tales these rocks have been lost in the mists of myth and legend.

In many ways the Lorelei of the Rhine is like the road of life.  As we travel on this circuitous river leading into the cosmic ocean, there are struggles and challenges waiting around every turn.

What Lorelei do you face today on this planet traversing the cosmos?  Is your voyage on the rough seas of existence joyful or plagued with the listeria of sickness?

Whatever your luring rocks may be calling to you, remember that you are a unique creation.  There’s only one of you.

Your destiny is your choice.  So choose wisely the path and the boat.

Maintain hope.  Without hope, love and dreams, what is there about life which makes each sunrise and sunset desirable for you?  Where do you find your source of strength for the daily journey?

Many embrace a faith tradition to live and to face their Lorelei.  For they realize this life on earth is but dancing shadows on the cave walls of their journey.  For the reality of things hoped for but not clearly seen lie out there to be grasped when their trek is over.

For the rest they face each day with the knowledge that it could be their last, but they strive onward.   When their trek ends and the reality of who they were fade into the cosmic ocean, they cease to exist.  Was their existence meaningful?  Only those who knew them and interacted with them can answer that question.

It seems strange to believe this is all there is to existence.  Countless generations have passed from the scene of earth life.  Did they just disappear when they took their last breath?

Science has no answers to the great beyond if there is such a place out there in the cosmos.  Perhaps, if one accepts the reality that when they take their last breath they enter an eternal dreamless sleep, it proffers some comfort.  On the other hand, human life seems to have a greater purpose than to fade from total existence.

Today as you ponder on your life, does your ultimate fate lie in nihilism?  In nothingness? In non-existence?  All that you were, lost forever?

From a scientific view this is our fate as we close our eyes in death.  From the faith tradition there is a reality beyond the blue which awaits us all.

Ponderings on this night with howling winds and falling leaves…


G. D. Williams       © 2011