Loo-li lai-lay

Sleep seems to be a prerequisite for living on this planet traversing the cosmos. Regardless of our aversion or love for sleep, it comes to us all.

For countless centuries a mother and sometimes a father would reassure their children as they faced the dark of night.  Many sang a lullaby which would give comfort and sweet dreams.

As the parents left their sleeping child, they paused in the doorway and wondered.  Are dreams a gateway to another sphere of reality?  Are their child’s dreams encased in the innocent world where children go at night?

Unfortunately, for many children on this earth sleep is a luxury which they cannot indulge.  Dreams are mere shadows which darken the gates of their suffering and hopelessness.

Dreams for them are as elusive as a tin of clean of water or a morsel of food untainted by the flies of misery. If only they could embrace sweet dreams like their fellow travellers in many parts of the world, what a relief it would bring to their burdens, daily burdens of toil and care.

Of course for many of these unfortunate souls death brings a dreamless sleep.  At least their suffering and torment are at an end as they drift into the cosmic ocean.

Next time you lay down to sleep and remember a lullaby from childhood, pause for a moment to be thankful for your life. If time and circumstance had been different you might have been one of those who grasp for a sleep with a dream of hope for a tomorrow which never seems to come.

Remember your fortuitous existence provides a means for you to assist your fellow travellers on the road of life.  For what will be your legacy once you join the dreamless sleepers in the cosmic ocean?

For your ultimate destiny is theirs as well. The confines of earth release what you were and what you can never be again. All that you possessed on earth will eventually be cosmic dust, except for what you did to help those in need.


G. D. Williams       © 2011



3 thoughts on “Loo-li lai-lay

  1. im copying this lyrics into my notebook. it’s so nice and pure.
    in my country, moms sing songs for their children with a beautiful voice ever. and i know people do all over the world 🙂
    may you warth and happiness dear 😉


  2. Brillinant wording and I have purchased the song prior to this.

    I would love the opportunity to meet and work with the writers, singers, and musicians involved.

    Inspiring Peace, Justice & Unity


    One Love


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