This narrative poem was written in the 1980s as I studied English Literature, especially the early period.  Camelot has been wrapped in mists and legends for as long as time itself it seems.

It will be presented in two acts.  Act One is titled REMEMBERANCE as Arthur remembers his reign, his lost friendship and his lost love.  Merlin reemerges from his sleep to converse with his old friend and pupil.

Act Two is CONFLICT.  Arthur is forced to face his illegitimate son, Modred, for the throne.  Arthur is old and weary.  He has to face his own demons before he can face his spawn.

On this planet traversing the cosmos our decisions always linger to haunt us. If you have chosen wisely, those decisions line a path along the road of life with rainbows and opportunities.

If your decisions were made unwisely, those decisions will plague the road of life with shadows.  Like the ancient harpies they torment the traveller with unflinching vigor.

Arthur remembers a life unclouded by dark shadows.  Unfortunately, at the end of his life dark shadows were the only reality he possessed.

With a banshee wail and a befogged moon, he journeyed to his end on the road of life. A glimmer of Camelot is all that he had left, but perhaps a glimmer of Camelot is a portal to a place and time where mists and legends are real on a mystical isle, existing between worlds of reality and dreams.

Here’s the preface:


The silvery moon shines upon argentic Camelot.

Its towers reach to the heavens

                   with reflections in the watery moat.

Ages tell the luteous story of Arthur and his knights.

The air is filled with gay tones caused by the men of merry and the women of nobility.

It lightens the darkest forest nights.

Camelot, your story shall be told until time is old.

Arthur, your fame will never see death

               as long as the sphere turns called earth.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

Act One will be posted on Saturday, October 8, 2011.