In April 1992 a group of us flew into Dallas, Texas for a week.  I had been to Dallas many years before on a road trip, and I was very certain of where places were.

Renting a passenger van for the group, Cyril drove as I navigated with the map.  Of course we had at least one back-seat driver who kept telling us what we were doing wrong.

Leaving the airport we headed East based on my calculations.  We drove merrily along with grumbles from the back about those two in front are going to get us lost.

About forty-five minutes into the trek, we saw road signs for Abilene. Cyril looked at me and I looked at him, but from the back the voice with a banshee shrill stated, “I told you two, you were driving the wrong direction.”

Instead of driving East to our first stop of the week we were driving West.  Our wandering trek was taking us away from our chosen destination.

Of course this was not the first time that Cyril and I taken this group in the wrong direction.  The Hawaii trip in 1991 was another adventure as we drove in search of Richard Chamberlain’s house and encountered some mystified locals who found the towering Cyril a bit enigmatic, but that story will have to wait for another time, another post.

Wanderweg is a German word for hike, walk, etc. In the Alps if you don’t pay attention to the path signs you will get lost. Just like driving in the wrong direction or taking a wrong turn, you will find yourself somewhere else.

In many ways it is like our journey on the road of life.  We are wanderers in search of our destiny on this planet traversing the cosmos.

We live with sunrise and sunset.  We behold the day and marvel at the night sky.

We are constantly going.  Perhaps, each day we should pause and view the threads of living about us. Life in all of its complexity and diversity surround us as we journey.  Taking a detour might add some spice to the day.  A bit of curry or salsa in our daily lunch enlivens the taste of life. Spice causes a thirst, a thirst for life in all of its prismatic iterations.

In many ways dreams are detours.  If one does not pursue a dream it will float away on the wings of neglect.

So too with love and hope.  Do not allow your prescribed course to rob you of your dreams.  Embrace love. Maintain hope.

For what is life if we just travel from sunrise to sunset without tasting the savory fruits of life’s opportunities?  If we do not view the kaleidoscope of nature’s infinite variety, what was our sojourn for? Life is too transitory on this earth to neglect the essentials of what makes us human.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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