Terra Nova: A Journey to the Past to Find the Future

A New World, a Second Chance, a Better Tomorrow

Shannon Family

In a previous post on Jurassic Park IV I mentioned Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova.  From what has been written they are sparing no expense on the special effects, well the CGI effects.

If you are going to have dinosaurs of the caliber in the Jurassic Park series, then it takes time and money.  In addition it takes a talented team to bring a television series of this nature to the screen week after week.

The only hope for our future lies 85 million years in the past.

In order to find a place which might resemble earth 85 million years ago, they decided on Queensland, Australia to film the series.  Great choice in my opinion.

One of the main characters is Commander Nathaniel Taylor played by the talented Stephen Lang.  I first encountered Stephen Lang in NBC’s Crime Story which only lasted two seasons (1986-88).  A great series set in the 1960s with music to match.

Mr. Lang has a host of movies and television to his resume.  He was impressive in Avatar as Colonel Miles Quaritch, the complex, tormented, and a bit insane occupying force leader.

The Irish actor Jason O’Mara plays Jim Shannon who wants a better life for his family than the misery of earth in 2149.  In 2008-09 he played Detective Sam Tyler in the American remake of the British series of Life on Mars.

Josh -Maddy- Zoe

English actress Shelley Conn plays Doctor Elizabeth Shannon. Canadian actor Landon Liboiron plays teenager Josh Shannon. English actress Naomi Scott is teenager Maddy Shannon, and Australian actress Alana Mansour is Zoe Shannon, the youngest of the three children.

Will it be a hit for Fox?  It has all the elements of a potential hit with a great cast, an intriguing storyline, beautiful location, huge budget and Steven Spielberg behind it.

There’s no paradise without sacrifice.


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