Cosmic Connection: Sinai

Recently, I was given a rock from Mount Sinai by a fellow traveller.  As I held it in my hand, I wondered about the “mountain of God”. 

G. D. Williams       © 2011
A Rock From Mount Sinai

Let’s take a journey back thousands of years to the arid lands where gods and prophets arose from the mists of howling winds, sun drenched days and cool nights with a starry canopy.

For as those ancients looked up at the vault of heaven what they did not realize was that they were looking at the beginning of time.  Starlight is a memory of what was when we view it from out comfortable seat on this planet called earth.

To the ancients they saw their gods displayed above them at night.  When a meteorite streaked across the sky, it was an omen.

Stars falling from the heavens did not speak well of what was to transpire.  In some embedded memory there was the story of the cosmic war where stars were cast to the earth to plague life on this planet, especially men, women and children.  The plague of fallen stars would wreck untold miseries on the children of earth.

At night perhaps the ancients heard the cosmic symphony within them attempting to bring the song of the morning stars to their minds.  They realized that somehow they were connected to those cosmic displays above them.

In some cases they grasped the reality that they were the lost children of the stars.  For what elements composed the stars could be found in them.

The wonder of discovery awakened a desire to reach for the stars.  The legends of the Tower of Babel are not too far from the need to be between heaven and earth.  For the ancients the earth held death and misery, but the heavens beckoned to them.  This innate longing for the sky was born at creation when the morning stars sang in the first dawn of the Cosmos.

To regain that cosmic connection was strong in humans.  History reveals their thoughts, writings and their attempts to rejoin their cosmic brothers and sisters on the infinite journey.

In our next post we will sit with one of those ancients as he contemplates his place at the foot of Mount Sinai.  For within the composition of that ancient mountain was his destiny. His destiny would affect a people enslaved who prayed every night and every day to their desert God for a Deliverer to come to free them from the yoke of bondage. 

For you see Mount Sinai is a cosmic connection.  The rock that I hold came from the formation of the planet so very long ago… perhaps, it came from out there—the silent void of majesty.

Next time that you pick up a rock, wonder as you stand on this planet traversing the cosmos, if it came from out there long ago…

G. D. Williams       © 2011