A Decision To Kneel Or To Die

Since recorded human history there have risen tyrants and despots who have attempted to control and enslave those within their reach.  However, within each generation of these individuals there have been the few who have risen from their knees to their feet to challenge the endless hordes of these human gods.

In the film 300, Leonidas, King of Sparta, and Xerxes, King of Persia, face each other as Xerxes offered Leonidas what any mortal man would give their soul to possess, especially from a king and a god.  Of course, Leonidas refuses to accept such a tempting offer, and he and his 300 die defending his kingdom from the advancing armies.

In the film King Arthur, Arthur confronts the Saxon King Cerdic and his vast army. Cerdic assumes that Arthur had come out of the gates to parley for a truce and demanded that Arthur be on his knees.  Arthur had not come for a truce, but to see his nemesis so that he could easily find him on the battlefield.  There would be no surrender or truce with this invading king.

Down through the annals of time the masses had to choose their response to religious and political leadership.  Those who chose to stand free were subjected to banishment, prison, torture and death.

The masters and the slaves’ paradigm is still played out in 2011.  Perhaps it’s simple natural selection.

Rulers, elected or self-appointed, govern with a handful of close associates.  The people have little voice in such a governmental structure.

Perhaps, this is why chosen ones appear on the scene to challenge the status quo.  Without these brave individuals societal evolution would be in a state of stasis.  Societies evolve, deteriorate and are reborn.

Apparently, based on history, the same old traps of masters and slaves begin again.  History becomes repetitious as the same paths are followed to certain change and decay with rebirth.

Can this tide of predestined recycling be broken?  Of course, it can.  It is when we forget the past that we are doomed to repeat it.  Remembrance and application.

The lessons of history are there for us to peruse.  Will we profit by them or be swept away into the ruins on which another society will build their reality?

G. D. Williams       © 2011