24: Tony and Michelle

Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler

Over the years the television program 24 has presented the most tragic events of our time both personally and nationally.  Federal Agent Jack Bauer and his team dealt with the tragic vicissitudes of a nightmarish reality from biological to nuclear weapons.

Two of Jack Bauer’s closest colleagues and friends were Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler.  Tony and Michelle became a couple with all the romantic entanglements which writers can cook up.  Each faced life and death situations.  Separated by circumstances and decisions of national security, they were eventually reunited and life seemed as though it was all good. They left government service to start a “normal life” after Jack was safe from those who wanted him dead.

Unfortunately, the dark forces of the powerful world of the shadow government made one last play to rid themselves of the pests who had thwarted their schemes and plans time after time. Being out of the play book was not enough for these people.

As Season 5 began President David Palmer was murdered. Michelle Dessler was killed in a car explosion.  Tony Almeida was “killed” by Jack’s mentor at CTU.

Season 5 brought an end to the great love and passion of Tony and Michelle. Tragic it was for the fans of these two characters.

However, the tragedy was not over.  For in Season 7 Tony rose from the “dead”.  This was not the Tony of Seasons 1-5.  He was darker and very sinister.  It appeared every ounce of goodness had been drained from him.

His one focused mission was to bring those to justice who were behind Michelle’s murder.  Anyone, including Jack, was expendable if they got in his way.

In the season final episode Tony revealed that Michelle was carrying his son when she was killed.  This had been his driving force. Revenge can change an individual.

The transformation in Tony was a good example of this metamorphosis. Losing the one that you truly loved and the son that you never knew provided a platform to explore this rage of grief.

Injustice is rarely dealt with on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Usually those in power, through the maneuvers of their position, survive and thrive while their victims suffer the tragic consequences.

Of course, Tony did not receive the benefit of meting out justice to the man behind it all.  However, there is a 24 movie coming in 2012.  Who knows?  Perhaps, Tony will be allowed to have his moment, his savory moment, of vengeance since Jack was allowed his in Season 8.

Tony and Michelle: two great characters which found love and happiness, even though so very briefly, in the fictional reality of 24’s political drama and intrigue. Monday nights have not been the same since 24 left the air.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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