Atlantis: The Lost Metropolis

Did Atlantis exist in antiquity? According to myth it was an advanced civilization lost in the mists of time.  It was an Edenic island.

Being Edenic did not keep the inhabitants from enjoying the fruits of advanced technology.  Based on legend they had everything from underwater ships to flying apparatus.  Education was based on the classics, languages and sciences, especially the harnessing of geothermal energy since the vast island arose out of the sea from volcanic activity.

It was said that the Gardens of Atlantis surpassed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Every possible type of flora flourished there nourished by the warm geothermal-waters and sunshine.

Men and women were both equal to pursue their own pursuits and interests.  There were no barriers to education.  Poverty was unknown.  Life was happy and contentment reigned. Religion and science blended perfectly since each had its place in the utopian society.

Explorers were sent to search the world.  Upon their return it was revealed that the humans who did exist outside of their paradise were barbaric and dangerous.  True primitives.

It was decided to send out those who could bring civilization to the outlands. Surely, education would convert savages and set them on a path of true knowledge.

Over time pockets sprang up imitating the motherland, but the vast majority of humans were difficult to convert to the true ways.  Their animalistic nature had no room for culture and refinement.  The club and the spear were their way.

The learned men and women decided that to protect their world these humans would have to be eliminated for the good of the planet.  Their plan met resistance, but the resistance was not sufficient to divert the elders from war.

However, the mercantile class had ventured out and made trade agreements with the humans who they found to be primitive, but trade and wealth were more important.  The merchants saw their future bankrupt by their leaders.

Since Atlantis had never had an army, it would take time to train one.  The merchants decided to help advance the humans from rocks and sticks to metal weapons.  They saw their wealth being enhanced by their strategy.

Meanwhile the men and women of science made an unnerving discovery that their isle was experiencing unnatural geothermal activities.  Their harnessing of the isle’s core geothermal activity had caused ripples across the decades which had little effect on the surface, but readings of increasing geothermal pressures deep in the ocean beneath their home was alarming.

Unfortunately, the Elders were preoccupied with their war preparations.  The merchants were involved in their stratagems.

After fruitless efforts to convince anyone of their warnings, the scientists decided to leave the isle and travel East.  Of course, not all scientists wanted to abandon the beauty of Atlantis for the unknown, especially with the primitives out there.

As the humans became trained with the use of metal weapons they adapted quickly.  They seem to have an innate tendency for war.  This predisposition greatly concerned the merchants who began to fear that they could not control their pupils.

Some merchants decided to inform the Elders of what they had done.  The Elders faced a perplexing dilemma—who to trust.

It was a clear pre-dawn morning with the first rumble happened.  There was an increasing smell of sulfur. and the birds began flying East in great migrations. The isle’s animals began to race everywhere.

By the next morning things were calm, but there was a silence about the place. However, the silence did not last long when the barbaric humans in mass swarmed Atlantis.

They grabbed women and children.  Slaughtered men, even their benefactors the merchants, and made their way back to their coastal hamlets.

The Elders decreed that at dawn’s light they would decimate the savages along the coast.  The remaining merchants were riled up with bloodlust.

However, Atlantis would never see the dawn.  Around two in the morning, the geothermal activities which created the isle many eons ago claimed the isle once more as it was dragged to the bottom of the ocean.

So great Atlantis ceased.  However, the many people from Atlantis survived in various parts of the globe.

They brought civilizations as the savages were absorbed into societal units.  The captured women tamed the savages.  The two races mingled.

In the East the scientists and others of their party settled in the mountainous regions of Tibet.  For their story was yet to be told.

The above is a speculative narrative of what could have happened.  Myth, legend and fact are the shrouded realities of Atlantis.

G. D. Williams       © 2011


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