Mad World: Of Endless Loops and No Tomorrows?

Recent events on this planet traversing the cosmos have been once again a tragic reminder of how fragile and precious life is.  Sending one’s children to a holiday island, boarding a commuter train, death of a father and the financial impact on his family, a family of four on vacation dies in a highway crash, and a man is robbed as he prays in church.

A 17 year-old commits suicide leaving her family, friends and church in grief and shock. A friend loses his wife and a few days later his brother.  In the news brief below 8 family members are dead in Ohio.   30 USA special forces personnel are killed in a helicopter crash. 

On a global scale, there’s the continual misery of East Africa where famine and war have affected millions of men, women and children.  There does not seem to be any hopeful outcome to this continual misery.

Each day we see and experience or read about tragedies.  Suffering never seems to end. 

Indeed, it seems that we are the marionettes in Fate’s hands. The ruthless manipulator never seems to have mercy as the strings are pulled and yanked for the dance of life.

We deal with personal tragedy and sorrow.  In many ways our grief makes a definite impact on whom we become as we age on this earth.  We cannot escape from the cruel vicissitudes which plague our road to the cosmic ocean.

However, we should never assume the posture of victim.  There are ways to deal with what comes our way.  Helping others can lift our spirit and reconnect us to the circle of life to which all life is linked in our biosphere.

In this mad world opportunities do arise to help our fellow sisters and brothers in their plight.  Your communities have need of financial assistance as well as a pair of human hands.

On a global scale the East African throes of misery and death proffer an opportunity for those humans unaffected by drought, famine, war and disease to do something tangible to help. In the links below are ways to help this part of the earth.

In the final analysis when your life ends on this earth what legacy will you leave?  If you have sung with the voices of the mountain and painted with the colors of the wind, then you have lived well because you have embraced the sacred circle of life which joins us all to the cosmic truth which lies out there.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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