Cry Of The Stars

Come let us take a journey traversing the cosmos

We will see where we came from as we sail the cosmic ocean

We shall see where we are heading if we but look up at the stars

Our finite pettiness limits our vision

             to star gaze

If we behold the night stars, the suns of distant worlds,

             we realize our place in the cosmos

For how can we engage in endless conflicts

            when the stars above us invite us to sing their songs?

How can we allow our fellow travellers to suffer from hunger

            when our tables are full?

How can we allow our brothers and sisters to drink the muddy waters

            when our facets fill a crystal glass pure to the eye?

 The cry of the stars is clear

            Embrace our forgotten heritage and learn to play an instrument

For as the stars cry so does the cosmic symphony for us to join the music of creation

Will we join the morning stars in their songs?

Or will we languor in the mire of sunless day?

As we live only to die at the end

            without a song to sing or an instrument to play in the cosmic ocean

Listen to the cry of the stars after sunset and before sunrise

Sometimes the sun light blinds us to greater realities beyond

The inner light is a tuned to star light

            since our metronome was set at creation.

           Listen to the cry of the stars as we stand on the shores of eternity…

 G. D. Williams       © 2011


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