Jurassic Park 4: Coming Soon?

Back in the day Universal Pictures was known for its movie series—Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolf Man, Invisible Man and The Black Lagoon.  The Jurassic Park series has continued this tradition.

Now, Steven Spielberg is talking about resurrecting the franchise.  I guess he found some new amber in his vault.

In its day Jurassic Park was the state of the art.  I was impressed when I saw it and very few films impress me like Jurassic Park.  The wonder of it with John Williams’ music gave a rare treat.

Here are some statistics of the three films:

Film Gross Totals (rounded)

1993 Jurassic Park  $915 million

1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park $619 million

2001 Jurassic Park III $369 million

Dr John Horner, paleontologist, was technical advisor for all three films. The character of Dr. Alan Grant was based on his work in Montana.

Michael Crichton wrote the novel Jurassic Park which was published in 1990. Also from his fertile imagination came such classics as The Andromeda Strain, Rising Sun, The Lost World, and Timeline.

John Williams composed the music for the first two films. For some reason Jurassic Park III did not use John’s musical genius.  There are his original themes, but Don Davis did the rest of the film.  John’s television and film credits are outstanding with everything from Lost In Space television series to Harry Potter. Back in the 60s he was known as Johnny Williams.  We all age and mature over the course of years.

I have all three films.  Each one has its appeal.  Is a fourth one really necessary?

Why not? There is something about dinosaurs, and people running, screaming and seeking a safe haven from the raging reanimated beasties.  

Jurassic Park IV Zap 2 it

Of course some believe this renewed interest could be advertising for Terra Nova, a new Fox television series from Executive Producer Steven Spielberg coming this Fall.  Looks very promising with enough elements and characters as well as dinosaurs. The link is below. 

See you at the cinema.

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