A Solar Tsunami—Is It Coming?

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Based on geological, historical and religious sources, this planet traversing the cosmos has suffered catastrophic events in the past.  The current daily occurrences of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, super-cell storms, wildfires, drought, wars, etc., wreak havoc on the orb. Drastic climatic changes seem to be becoming the norm.

People are suffering from these natural and human events every day.  Misery seems to be a common denominator which the people of earth share.

There have been some concerns raised about a future sun event.  Solar geomagnetic storms are possible in 2013.

A solar geomagnetic storm could affect the power grids and interrupt communications. There have been two major historical recorded solar geomagnetic storms, in 1859 and 1921.

 “The first confirmed “solar tsunami” occurred in 1859. British astronomer Richard Carrington was busily sketching sunspots through his telescope when he observed a brilliant, oval-shaped light erupting from the sun that lasted several minutes.

Days later, telegraph systems worldwide went haywire. There was so much geomagnetically induced current on the lines that some telegraph operators reported being able to use the systems without batteries. In other cases, telegraph offices caught fire and wires melted. The northern lights could be seen as far south as Cuba.” CSM

Transformers Map NASA

Like any possible event one can only do so much.  You need to always have a disaster plan prepared for whatever may come your way.

Unfortunately, a “solar tsunami” could occur at any time.  Always be prepared for any disaster. 

I heard someone recently said that since they have books on their electronic device they would be selling their books, magazines, etc.  In a perfect world digitization makes sense, but we don’t live in such a reality. 

Interdependency NASA

After the power is darkened and electronic devices are oddities for the border collie to smell, a good old fashioned book might not be a bad companion as you wait for the lights to go back on.  Just something to think about as you review your disaster plan. 

For good measure toss in a hand-cranked can opener and a gramophone. Rudy Vallee’s As Time Goes By will help in those dark hours before dawn. 

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