Leo Plass: Good family! Good life! Good food!

The Great Depression affected the lives of so many on this planet traversing the cosmos.  For every story there are thousands of untold and unknown ones out there.

Leo Plass

In 1932 a young college student at La Grande Eastern Oregon Normal School was hit by the reality of the Depression.  He could continue and look forward to a teaching career making $80.00 a month or find something.  This young man had grown up on a working ranch and loved the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. He was not quite certain teaching was his forte.

The La Grande Bank closed in the summer and with his $400.00 gone, Leo faced a terrible prospect.  He could not continue his education.

However, an opportunity came to join up with a logging company making $150.00 per month.  With the future uncertain and no funds he dropped out of college to try his hand at logging.  He traveled over the West for the next twelve years.

In 1946 he married his beloved Wanda and settled down from his travels. Leo and Wanda engaged in house flipping for the next several decades.  They did other things as well.

In 2001 he officially retired from contracting and those travels to Arizona every winter to work. He now enjoys building birdhouses and other woodworking projects from his small home shop.

On June 11 Leo graduated with his Associate Degree from Eastern Oregon University.  He was 99.  He will be 100 in August.

Here are some quotes from this interesting man, one of the most interesting men in our world:

What does Mr. Plass think of modern education?

“They don’t teach youngsters things they need to know about. When I was in school, that’s about all they did teach. You learned how to cook, you learned how to sew and how to type.” DM

To what does Mr. Plass attribute his long life on this earth?

“Good family, good life, good food; I had two good cooks, my mother and my wife. Everything good seemed to work for me.”  DM

Each day on this earth people do amazing things.  This is what makes life on this planet pure wonderment and a joy.

Take time to enjoy those around you.  If there is an oldster living near-by engage them in conversation.  You may be pleasantly surprised about what they can tell you about life on this planet.

May your days be filled with Good family! Good life! Good food!

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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