The Evanescence: A Preface


The Evanescence is a short story which I wrote in the early 1980s.  Its setting is the Bay Area of San Francisco.  Why San Francisco?  I have always found the city to be a mystical place with the Bay and its rich history.  The morning mists are like departing night shadows to usher the magic of another day.

Its main character is a young artist who is half American and half French who operates a restaurant with his old college roommate who is a newspaper editor.  Into the young artist’s life walks a beautiful young woman who is as mysterious as the ambiance of the Bay. What follows is a love story as the young artist falls in love and searches for this young woman who has faded like the morning Bay mists.  For you see—

Evanescence means the process of disappearing, vanishing away, fading. There is a mystical chord to this story with a touch of fantasy.  When romance is involved, then anything is possible, or so I thought back in the early 80s.

Tomorrow Act One will be posted.  There are six acts and they will be posted each Saturday as I did with So Far From Home.

Hope you enjoy it.

G. D. Williams       © 2011