Tragedy: Michael Jones—A Father’s Sacrifice

It was a perfect Saturday for a family outing at a local lake.  Lake Tobesofkee is in Macon, Georgia, USA.

Michael and Tykia Jones had taken their three sons, Joshua 5 years, Jarell 7 years, and Justin 3 months old, to the lake for an afternoon of fun.  The two older boys were in the water playing with an eight year-old girl when Tykia went to the near-by market for some supplies.

When she returned later, Michael was missing.  The children had had some trouble in the water. Michael left Justin on the shore as he jumped in to help the children.  He got them all to shore when he apparently slipped and disappeared into the Georgia lake waters.

Michael Dewayne Jones would have been 25 on July 6.  He was a Lowe’s employee training to be a firefighter.

His desire and dream were for his boys to be proud of their daddy.  This is why he was pursuing the training as a firefighter.  He wanted to be out there helping people and be a good example to his sons.

Bibb County Sheriff Lt. Paul Edwards: “He did what any parent’s gonna do. He did what firemen are trained to do. But for whatever reason, he slipped. It could’ve been a catfish hole, it could’ve been a rock. He went down and he never came back up.”

His younger sister Tiffany said, “He was always the hero. If he saw you on the side of the road he was gonna stop and help you.”

Michael Dewayne Jones was a true hero.  He did not wear a superhero suit or fight the comic villains that we see on television and the screen.  He was just a man with a dream and a heart.

He was a family man who helped his wife with nursing school and was a father and brother.  His life made a difference on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Let’s remember his family and friends as they grieve the loss of this gallant man.  May his story never be forgotten and his sacrifice.

As I have said before,  Heroes and heroines come in all shapes, sizes and ages. We need more people like Michael Jones in this world.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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