Memories and Obits

Recently I was going through obits from my small hamlet which I left many decades ago.  Obits give you the basic information without filling in the details of a multi-layered life which existed on this planet traversing the cosmos.

When you are in primary school, you always have a nemesis.  It seems to be one of fate’s cruel ironies.

My nemesis was a chap named Terry.  He was a thorn between one’s ribs and a carbuncle on one’s buttocks.  I often wondered from what dark place in the ocean he emerged in order to plague my existence.

Well, Terry lost his courageous battle against a common foe—cancer. Seeing the list of his family who survived him I felt sadness at their loss. 

For they knew him as a husband, father, brother, uncle, son, friend.  My childhood memories of our crossed swords for a brief school period are just transient moments in our short journey.  I never knew what became of him until the obit.

The second obit was for the older brother of a classmate from primary and secondary school.  As I was reading, I saw that he was preceded in death by his younger brother, my classmate and friend.

I had not seen Keith since graduation.  Now, I learned that he died without any details.  Keith and his two brothers had to deal with a lot of hardship and tragedy growing up.  Their father ended his life when they were very young.

Nemesis or friend from the past or present has something in common.  They are fellow travellers on the road of life. Each of them has their own story to tell and song to sing.

We may fence or laugh together, but in the final analysis at the termination of days we all face the same destiny. After our material frame has returned to cosmic dust, perhaps we will find our atoms rejoined to circle a star out there from whence we came.  Who knows, perhaps, atoms do communicate.

Foe or friend—value each one in your journey.  For the earth path of our lives will never be retrod by us once we have rejoined the cosmic ocean.

Death ends our sojourn on this planet traversing the cosmos. What lies out there beyond this orb is still a mystery which our minds are not capable of comprehending.

G. D. Williams       © 2011