The Champagne Lady

Norma Zimmer & Lawrence Welk

Norma Zimmer, the lead female singer on the Lawrence Welk Show from 1960 to 1982, passed to a peaceful rest at her home in Brea, California on May 10, 2011.  She was a frequent guest artist at the Billy Graham Crusades.

She was born Norma Larsen in Larson, Idaho on July 13, 1923. The family shortly afterwards moved to Seattle where she sang in church choirs.  She married her husband Randy in 1944 and headed to Los Angeles.

She enjoyed success as a singer.  It was not until Lawrence Welk offered her the coveted spot of Champagne Lady on his weekly program that she became a household name.

Her beautiful voice was a joy to listen to whether it was a show tune, love song, gospel, and the list could go on.  Growing up, I watched the Lawrence Welk show every week with my grandparents.

My favorite question on this blog is—did she live well on this planet traversing the cosmos?  Her life testifies to this very fact.

“She was one of the most gracious, likable people that anyone could ever meet. The other people on the show, to this day, just respect and love her,” Larry Welk said.

I am sure her song will not fade in the cosmic ocean.  Those who sing songs on this orb which touch the soul will have their place in the cosmic choir as the cosmic symphony plays the songs of the stars.

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