American Idol: Top Three

American Idol Top 4

Well, it is final: the final three are:

The first was Lauren Alaina.

Lauren Alaina is a sweet kid, but she does not deserve a spot in the Top Three.  I don’t see people rushing out to buy her single or album.  Record executives in this economy may not offer her a deal.  If they do, it will benefit their companies’ pockets, not hers.

Can Miss Alaina win the coveted crown of American Idol?  I think the odds are against her, but surprises do happen on this entertainment extravaganza.

The second was Haley Reinhart who has been in the bottom three a few times this season.  On Wednesday night Randy was very rough on Haley’s first performance, but he was full of praise for Haley’s second number.

Can Haley win this thing?  I think so.

The third was Scotty McCreery. His deep voice and personality is a definite winner.

Can Scotty win this?  Good chance. Very good chance!

This was a surprise since James Durbid was the favorite.  James definitely has a future in this business. Perhaps, he will be the real winner after all. 

Next week: it is anyone guess at this moment.  To be brave I think it will come down between Scotty and Haley in the finale.  Of course, I have been wrong before on such matters.

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