After ten seasons a series about the teenage years and early twenties of Clark Kent is coming to an end.  This series filmed in Canada would set a new standard for the Superman saga.

Like any long-running series there are good moments, so-so moments, ok moments and some bad moments.  The cast lost some original members along the way and added new ones with their stories.

Smallville First Season Cast

The friendship of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor added a new dimension to the saga of two friends who would become bitter enemies. The storyline progressed nicely.  The marriage of Lex and Lana Lang was a bit of a stretch, but it had some special moments.

The introduction of Lois Lane as Chloe Sullivan’s cousin was a surprise.  However, it worked well as the series progressed.

The death of Jonathan Kent and its effect on Clark was touching as a son struggled to cope with his earth father’s death and deal with the cold, sterile voice of Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude.  Jor-El was more of a harsh head schoolmaster than a loving father.

When Kara emerged from her animation suspension in her spaceship trapped in the Smallville Dam, she saved Lex which began an arc of stories as Lex attempted to solve the mystery of the Kents.  Unfortunately, the producers decided to send Kara on a fruitless mission to find surviving Kandorians.  Therefore, she disappeared from the storyline.

The ups and downs of Clark’s relationships, his journeys into the Red Kryptonite escapades, the fear of flying, his trust issues and the avoidance of the famous suit all added up to a young man in search of himself and his destiny. Along the way he formed friendships with the comic heroes of the DC Universe and made enemies of the super villains of comic lore.

What can one expect from the two-hour finale on Friday night?  The wedding of Lois and Clark?  The return of Lex Luthor—clone or the real deal?  The wearing of the suit?  Flying? Will Green Arrow betray Clark with the gold kryptonite? Will Lionel Luthor be sent back to his parallel planet? Will Tess choose the way of the Luthor Family or the Justice League? Will Perry White assume the editorship of the Daily Planet? Will Jor-El make an appearance? Will it be the ultimate battle between the heroes and the Darkseid and his forces of darkness?

I am sure the producers and writers have the trolley loaded with goodies both sweet and bitter.  After all, what comes next in the saga of Smallville?  There has to be more down the comic road.  With all the clues and cryptic comments about the future and Zod’s vow of revenge on the House of El, there has to be another chapter.  We shall see.

G. D. Williams       © 2011


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