Autumn In My Heart

Autumn In My Heart

For the young life is an adventure.  As they look down the road, it seems endless.

With youthful enthusiasm and determination they plow ahead.  Like a fig tree in season, their days are fruitful and green.

Unfortunately, there are those tragic interlopers who intrude into young lives without invitation.  One of these baleful interlopers is the dreaded disease of cancer.

Autumn In My Heart is a Korean drama about family, turmoil and young love.  It tears at the heart with its poignant story and ultimate ending with a surprise twist which Fate is famous for on this orb.

It may be classified as fiction, but every day on this planet traversing the cosmos the lover is torn from his beloved by cruel fate.  The cruelest is to watch your beloved waste away day by day.  The lover realizes just how helpless and powerless he/she is.

With the last touch, the last embrace, the last kiss, the lover and the beloved part.  The beloved slips from the confines of earth while the lover journeys in sadness and silence on the path of life, so fragile and so precious and now so lonely.

Memories are treasures of the beloved.  Those will last until the end of days.

However, before your end of days, embrace each moment.  Enjoy it to the hilt.  Drink from the glass the wine of love…

Enjoy the ecstasy which awaits you. Let the breath of this cosmic nectar overwhelm your senses like the bouquet of aged Bordeaux as its claret color swirls in pure crystal.

For time is too transitory on this earth. For love it is ephemeral. Like the morning mists, it fades in the sunlight of day.

Drink your fill.  Live with no regrets.  May your days of love be full and plenteous.

G. D. Williams       © 2011