Edward Reid Has Talent

By now almost everyone who pays attention to the entertainment world knows who Edward Reid is.  If not, let review a short bio before the video:

Edward Reid

He is a 35 year old Scotsman who sent the audience in Glasgow on Saturday night into the stratosphere with his rendition of nursery rhymes on Britain’s Got Talent.  This drama teacher from Glasgow pulled one of the biggest surprises with his song.

It was delightful.  Funny.  Catchy! Nursery rhymes will never be viewed the same again.

Mr. Reid definitely has talent.  Way to go Glasgow—once again a rare ruby emerges!

I think comparisons to Susan Boyle are unfair.  He should be viewed in his own light.  He has his own style.

Let’s see what Mr. Reid does for an encore.


  G. D. Williams       © 2011

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