Who Wants To Live Forever?

This haunting song is from the 1986’s film Highlander starring Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, Beatie Edney as Heather MacLeod, and Sean Connery as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez.  The music is by Queen.  The song was written by Brian May.

The scene from the movie is below where this song is beautifully interwoven between Connor and his wife, Heather. As Heather ages, the immortal Connor retains his youth and vigor until he has to say his final goodbye to his bonnie Heather whose life is slipping from the confines of earth.

Age robs the young of their youth on this orb. The vigor of the past is no longer the reality of the present. A slow decline marks our faltering steps.

One certainty prevails on this planet traversing the cosmos. If you live to love, eventually you will have to say goodbye.  Goodbye seems such a cruel word at the end of a long love affair between two people.

As you make your way up the highlands to behold the beauty of a new day, you will glance back and remember your true love.  For death always stands in the shadows waiting for its cue to intrude and to snatch your beloved from your grasp.

Does love die? Is there a forever out there where we began? Will the morning stars sing us into their songs?

As Ramirez says to Connor, “Who knows, Highlander?  Who Knows?” The answer to that fundamental, ancient question lies in the cosmos. One day we will know the final answer for ourselves. Are you ready?

G. D. Williams       © 2011

Katherine Jenkins: Who Wants To Live Forever


Connor and Heather