Dancing With The Wind

If one has ever released a balloon and watched it soar into the air, one understands what dancing in the wind means.  When you have observed a bird in flight, you must have imagined what it would be like to float gracefully, helped by the winds.

 If you place a harp on the beach, eventually the wind will begin to play a melody.  The wind tones are erratic to the ear, but if one listens intently, the song of the cosmic ocean can be heard.

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Wind and water mix like a blended tropical drink.  The decorative glass holding the liquid is beautiful to gaze on and delicious to consume.

So, in many ways is life.  Life is a dance in the wind.  Sometimes, the winds carry us along.  Other times we choose a partner and dance a tango.

Tango is a sensual dance between two people.  Wind is created by the dance’s passion.  It sweeps over the crowd and bring an excitement, almost an elixir of life, reborn into the moments of beauty.

When you age, you and your partner leave the tango to the younger set.  Perhaps, Louis Armstrong’s A Kiss To Build A Dream On is the right tempo for a slow dance for a couple to bathe in the moments of shared life.

Perhaps, eons ago when the stars first emerged from the cradle of creation, the cosmic winds danced with the leftover star stuff and carried it to the far reaches of the cosmos. In essence we are star stuff bathed by the light of our star during the day. 

At night the moon and the distant stars touch a chord deep in the soul.  As we gaze at the night canopy, there is a longing for the innocence lost somewhere out there.  We want to dance the song of creation.  For within the human genome there’s a desire to dance to the music of the stars.

Those morning stars’ first celestial hymn still reverberates within our atoms. When we take the time to listen, the cosmic symphony plays softly and tenderly in the distant reaches of time and space.

Enjoy your dance of life here on this planet traversing the cosmos.  May you dance with the stars after your last dance on earth ends.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

Omar Akram: Dancing With The Wind


Louis Armstrong A Kiss To Build A Dream On