So Far From Home was a short story which I wrote years ago. Its time frame is circa 2050s.  Its setting is the outer rim of the solar system.

For countless centuries both men and women have ventured beyond the confines of their birth home to explore the world over the horizon.  When the first water vessels were constructed, the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans were explored.

For it seems that within the human genome there is an innate desire to explore, to seek new lands, to go where no one or few have trekked so far in the journey on this planet traversing the cosmos.  It’s our destiny.

So Far From Home is a story about brave men and women who left earth for the greatest human adventure—space exploration.  It has always been wrapped in the atoms of our nature to reach for the stars.  For we know this is where we began, and eventually when our sojourn is over on earth, we will rejoin the cosmic ocean.

The story is simple.  It is men and women interacting with each other and discussing their fears, hopes, secrets, and dreams.  Also it is a story of what these pioneers left behind on this earth to make this stellar journey.

Over the next few weeks it will be presented in acts as the segments build until the captain’s ultimate fear is confronted as her crew stand by her.  No aliens, no weapon exchanges, no explosions—just humans from various parts of the orb travelling, living and working together out there.  The way it would be…

Hope you enjoy it.

Act One will appear tomorrow—April 2.

CAST: (in order of appearance)

Captain Diana Lewis

First Officer—Lieutenant Michelle Hill

Master Chief Rachelle Higgins

Crewman Steve Davis

Ensign Terry Allen

Ensign Harriman Tarrwater

Sergeant Major Gregory Drake

Master Chief Delheim

Dr. Luis Garcia

Perhaps, as these brave men and women remembered their homeland, the old song Edelweiss would be close to their lips.  Here’s the rendition from the SOUND OF MUSIC:


G. D. Williams       © 2011