Tragedy At An Amusement Park

A Saturday church outing turned tragic. The pastor, his family and other children from the church were riding a miniature train at an amusement park when it derailed.  Twenty-eight were injured.  One six year-old was killed.  His name was Benjamin Easler, the pastor’s son.

Benjamin Easler

Let’s keep the Easler family in our thoughts and prayers.  It is tragic to lose a child.

Benjamin is survived by his parents, Dwight and Tabitha, and two brothers. Dwight is the pastor at the Corinth Baptist Church in Gaffney, South Carolina, USA. Links are listed below.  May their faith, family and friends be a comfort to them during this dark time of grief.

This is a tragedy which happens too often on this planet traversing the cosmos. Many children die unloved and unwanted on this orb each day, but this was not the case for Benjamin.  He had a loving family, and he was loved.

If you have children tell them that you love them.  Show them that you love them as well by spending time with them each day. Read to them.  Listen to them. Play with them. Hug them.   For no one knows when the hour will come when life will flee the confines of earth.

For the days of life may appear to be many, but time marches to its distinct precision. When you turn around, the days of childhood are gone forever.  They can never be recaptured.

However, those treasured moments and memories will always be with your children once you are gone from this world.  If your child precedes you, then you will have those memories and moments to treasure.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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  1. dwight tabitha and family phil and i are so sorry to hear about your loss please know that you and the children are in our thoughts and prayers


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