Water: The Ambrosia of Life

It is believed that at one time there were vast bodies of water on Mars similar to Earth.  Where there is water, there is life. What catastrophe reduced Mars to a lifeless body hanging in space is unknown.

Earth is facing challenges to its biosphere. Fresh drinking water is one of these challenges.

Recently, a friend from Malaysia shared on his Facebook page the following reference to the desperate needs of many of our brothers and sisters on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Their need is a clean, fresh water supply.

If the children of this earth are to survive, it will take all of us to be involved.  Is this realistic?  Of course, it isn’t since a number of people on this orb have forgotten or chose to ignore the plight of their brothers and sisters around the world and even in their own communities. This neglect is a sad testimony to those enrobed in their own self-absorbed realty.

In the final analysis as you close your eyes in the sleep of death what will be your legacy to your fellow travellers?  What will you be remembered for during your tenure on this earth?

Perhaps, the closing song by Valjean at the end of the musical Les Miserables is the epitome of a good last act of our existence. The video scene is listed below.

When we write the last page of our confession in the shadows of approaching death and prepare for that sleep from all that we know, will we be welcomed back into the cosmic ocean from which we came?  One cannot sing the songs of creation if one did not sing them on earth. For the morning stars have no other songs in their cosmic repertoire.

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Les Miserables: Valjean

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