Ash Wednesday: Countdown To Easter

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) has left us overstuffed. How many pączek did you eat yesterday?

In case you have no idea what pączek are let me give a brief description: Polish pastries with fruit fillings.  The dough is much richer than doughnut dough with emphasis on sugar, eggs, fats and milk.

These substances needed to be used up before Lent began.  The emphasis during Lent is fasting, abstinence, prayer, repentance, scripture readings and charity outreach.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Countdown to Easter has begun.

“Traditionally, ashes are a sign of penance, and wearing the ashen cross tells the world that you are repenting your sins. The ashes themselves are composed of holy water mixed with the burned remains of the palm fronds from the prior year’s Palm Sunday service. Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday before Easter.” AOL NEWS

Lent lasts for 46 days (or 40 days without counting Sundays) and ends on Easter. Catholics are also encouraged to give up something for Lent, so Ash Wednesday for many can also mean the first day of abstaining from, say, chocolate.”  AOL NEWS

If you are a religious follower or just curious about this ancient Christian tradition, visit a church today which observes Ash Wednesday.  Ask questions and enjoy the ambiance of the sanctuary and the service.

After physical indulgences on Fat Tuesday of all kinds of substances, it might do the body good to abstain from something for the 46 days to Easter.  It might enrich the soul as well for all the travellers on this planet traversing the cosmos.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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