A Tragic Teen Death: Wes Leonard


For Wes Leonard, 16, it was a perfect Thursday night.  The 6 foot 4 teenager had made the winning basket in a tough game against a rival high school basketball team—57 to 55.  This was his team 20th straight win, and the jubilance of the team and fans rocked the gym.

To all appearance Wes Leonard was savoring his team hard fought victory.  Then it happened.  He collapsed, and the rest is a tragic story of death and misery for his family, team mates, friends and community.

Wes Leonard


Quoting from Fox Sports:

You can awaken from a nightmare, shake away the demons and drift back into reality.

There is no shaking away the horrific reality at the Fennville High School (Michigan—USA) gymnasium Thursday night when Wes Leonard, the school’s star in basketball and football, collapsed on the court moments after making a game-winning basket.

Leonard was pronounced dead at Holland Hospital about two hours later. He was 16.


When a young person suddenly dies, it brings home the stark reality that life on this planet traversing the cosmos is borrowed time for all of us.  We live day to day with our hopes and dreams.  We strive to make sense out of chaotic events around us on this orb.

Death just intrudes like an unwelcome visitor to your house.  Death does not ask to come into your reality.  It just overtakes your life without giving you a second to protest. No mercy! No tears for the innocence! Age means nothing to Death.

Based on all accounts, Wes Leonard was a good kid.  He was a talented athlete both in football and basketball.

Let’s remember his family and friends as they mourn his passing from this earth.  Wes’ last moments of victory caught forever on digital will be a constant reminder to us all that life is so precious, and so fragile on our world.  It seems so often in the midst of joy that tragedy waits in the shadows.

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Remembering Wes





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