Walking In Memphis: Catfish On The Table and Gospel In The Air

If they have been in the business for a long time, a singer’s repertoire has a myriad of songs which span the years.  Cher, one of the perennial performers, has released some great songs over the decades.

Let’s focus on one of those songs from her 1995 It’s A Man’s World—Walking In MemphisA Man’s World was her twenty-second studio album.  She performed this song in her European Do You Believe? Tour.

Cher had to adapt the Marc Cohn’s song to fit a female singer.  Marc Cohn’s original version is listed below. It’s great!

The song’s notoriety reached new heights when it was featured in Chris Carter’s The X-Files on November 30, 1997.  The episode was The Post-Modern Prometheus which was nominated for seven Emmy Awards.

This would have to be in the top ten episodes of the series.  It was the epitome of the series with zany characters, outlandish storyline, great music, and those magical touches and glances between the two main characters.

There was a time conflict with the actual Cher during the filming of the episode.  Therefore, celebrity impersonator Stacey Bell played Cher flawlessly during the filming.

Intrepid FBI agents and partners, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, danced as Stacey Bell did the song.  Over the years the chemistry between these two agents had been building, and this dance scene sent fans into the stratosphere.

Enjoy the versions below.  And as the song says—They’ve got catfish on the table;
they’ve got gospel in the air…
What else is there on this planet traversing the cosmos, especially in Memphis?

So, if you ever find yourself in Memphis, Tennessee, sample the local fare; take in a show and visit Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. Listed below is Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes. 

Carl Perkins’ version of Blue Suede Shoes inspired Marc Cohn’s Walking In Memphis. Listed below is Carl Perkins’ version.

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Marc Cohn


X-Files The Post-Modern Prometheus


Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes 1956


Carl Perkins’ Original Blue Suede Shoes