Green, Green Grass of Home

There are some songs which touch your soul with their words and melodies.  The Green, Green Grass of Home is one of those songs.

The story is of a man at his homecoming.  He has been gone for a long time both physically and emotionally.

As he steps off the train, his parents are there as well as the girl whom he left behind.  Mary, hair of gold and lips like cherries, run to meet him.  They walk down the familiar lane arm in arm and share memories of their younger days.  The old oak tree is still standing where the man played as a boy.

However, as one visualizes the words, the song takes an unexpected turn. It goes from the idyllic stroll with his first love back to the sterile reality of four gray walls and bars.

It was a dream of a man on death row. He will make his final journey on this planet traversing the cosmos in the morning.  The priest was there to hear his last confession  and offer comfort for the long night ahead.  For someone who will die sleep is not welcome as the last hours of life are embraced by the traveller.

After the morning exercise of execution, then his body will be returned to his hometown to be buried under the green, green grass. However, will his parents or Mary be waiting?

In my opinion, Tom Jones, a fellow Welshman, sings this song like no other. The first video clip is one from years ago. 

The second video clip is from a recent performance. This clip has a mature tone which grasps those mystic chords of memory on this orb.

The song was written by Claude Putman, Jr. It was first recorded by Porter Wagoner in 1965.

Here’s a version from 1972 performed by Porter Wagoner on his television show.

Live well on this earth while time remains for you.  May your dreams come true.

G. D. Williams       © 2011