Jonathan Goldsmith: “Stay Thirsty, My Friends.”

The name Jonathan Goldsmith may not be a household word, but his image is one which most people would recognize instantly.  Who is Jonathan Goldsmith?


April 20 2010 - Photo by Angela Weiss Getty Images North America


The February 25, 2011 issue of THE WEEK had a short piece on him in their People section.  The 72 year actor lives on his sailboat with his wife, Barbara, and occupies his time reading when he is not in front of the camera.

There is no mistake that he has lived an interesting life on this planet traversing the cosmos.  The Dos Equis beer commercials have made him “the most interesting man in the world.”  What is interesting is that Mr. Goldsmith does not drink beer, but since 2007 has been the spokesperson for Dos Equis.

What does he like to do at night?  Pour a glass of wine and grab a good book to read.  In his free time he supports S.A.B.R.E. Foundation because of his love for tigers. He has other humane interests as well as this picture shows from November.


November 24, 2010 - Photo by


Is Mr. Goldsmith living well on this orb?  Definitely!

If I may quote his most famous commercial line—“Stay thirsty, my friends”. Based on his actual life, stay thirsty means for life and the adventures it brings. 

Never be satisfied with an inferior taste or a lackluster experience.  Live life to the fullest.  Drink from the fresh streams of life.  Enjoy the rainbow of experiences which this planet has to proffer. And when your time comes to say goodbye to the confines of this earth, may you have lived well, my friends and fellow travellers…


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