Romance: Time To Say Goodbye

For every romance which has a fairytale ending, there are those romances which end tragically.  Thanatos, the ancient Greek god for death, loves to tear romantic lovers apart on this planet traversing the cosmos. Perhaps, there’s a story here of a lost love between Thanatos and Valdis, the Norse goddess of death.

Let’s review some of these of fictional romances doomed by Fate with some music.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is the classic love story of young love, forbidden by the societal norms of their time: feuding families which wrapped their children in a cloak of tragedy.

This music piece- A Time For Us is fitting as the young lover searches for the mystical music of love.  When she reaches to touch the beauty of the music of love it fades away on the steps of time.

Forrest and Jenny

Forrest Gump and Jenny Curran were childhood friends and sweethearts.  Time and the vicissitudes of fate reunited them and separated them over the years.  When they finally are reunited by the son they shared, her grasp on the mortal strands of earth was not strong enough with Forrest’s unflinching love to defy death.

Chloe and Jimmy

Smallville over ten years has had many ill fated romances, but the most tragic couple was Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen. Fate was certainly cruel to these two young lovers who met at the Daily Planet, but to die saving the one who you love is certainly the most noble of sacrifices—a true hero and Jimmy was all that and more.

Scarlett and Rhett

Gone With The Wind is a classic romance between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler.  People from different worlds whose romance shattered conventional wisdom, yet tragedy brought the two lovers to separation—irreparable and broken.

Though neither Scarlett nor Rhett died, the separation was more tragic than death. As they reflected, the thoughts of each other must have crossed their minds with that haunting question—is she or he in the arms of another?  Torture of the soul brings many moments of agony.

Where do you find yourself today?  Has Thanatos and Valdis torn your loved one from your arms? Or did your true love walk out the door with the explicit, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

In October I related the love story of Carl and Ann who found each other in the cosmos, but Carl’s journey on this terrestrial orb came to an abrupt end when cancer claimed another victim and robbed Ann of her true love and the world of a great scientist.  For them it was a final goodbye—a kiss faded into the pages of eternity.

In the previous post, we mentioned a young coupe, Patti and Richard, whose romance was the talk of the town in the late 70’s, but the romance faded, and goodbyes were bitter as a couple went their separate ways.

Ashes of gold choke the tender plant of love every day on this planet. Are the ashes of romance choking you today?

G. D. Williams       © 2011


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