Enya’s Amarantine

Amaranth is derived from the Greek word—amarantos which means everlasting. It is a fabled flower which did not fade as it aged.  It retained its rich blood-red colour.

According to myth, the flower grew near Mount Olympus where the light of immortality touched the flower and changed it from a fading vapor to an ethereal beauty which would forever retain its youth of spring. It was one of the favorite flowers of Artemis.

John Milton said that the flower grew by the Tree of Life.  After man and woman sinned, it was removed from Eden to heaven where it grows beside the Fountain of Life.

Aesop referred to it in his fable of the Rose and Amaranth.  The rose bemoans its fate as it comments on the never fading amaranth.


So, on this 4th day of February, do you have a precious flower in your life? If so, do you cherish it?  Nourish it? Love it?

Life on this planet traversing the cosmos is so fragile.  Mortal life has not been touched by the light of Olympus, and sadly, like the lovely rose, it must fade from the confines of earth to rejoin the stream of the cosmic ocean.

Enjoy your day! Embrace it and hold to it for the night is always near…

G. D. Williams       © 2011


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