Highland Cathedral / Take Me Home

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“This is Phil Coulter’s version of the beautiful Scottish tune ‘Highland Cathedral.

The picture at 2:27 is of pipers from the Pipes & Drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, RSDG, (my uncle’s Regiment, WO2 D. Bennett), taken at the Edinbrugh Tattoo.

Highland Cathedral is a popular bagpipe tune written by German musicians Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb in a Scottish style. It has been proposed as the Scottish national anthem to replace unofficial anthems Scotland the Brave and/or Flower of Scotland.

It is considered a Scottish equivalent of the English hymn, “Abide with Me”, for national sporting events and as a hymn on the eve of battle.

Land of my fathers, we will always be
Faithful and loyal to our own country.
In times of danger we will set you free,
Lead you to glory and to victory.

Hail, Caledonia, to our ancient prayer,
In this Highland Cathedral let our standards bear,
Joining together with one dream to share,
God bless the people of this land so fair.

Gone is the past, let us start anew,
Let this hope of peace always remain.
Spirit of Scotia be strong and true,
Then our children will smile again, again, again, again.

Rise, Caledonia, let your voices ring
In this Highland Cathedral of our God and King.
Whom joy and liberty to all will bring.
Come let your heart with love and courage sing.

This version was sung at the memorial service for Scottish rally legend Colin McRae and his son after their tragic helicopter accident in September 2007.”


I was introduced to Phil Coulter a few years ago by an associate.  Coulter has a beautiful way of playing the piano with the right amount of other instruments when needed.

Yesterday was a tough day on this planet, especially in DomodedovoOne moment you are enjoying life, the next you are gone—faded from this planet traversing the cosmos.

Let’s take a few moments to remember those whose journey has ended. Let’s listen to this haunting piece of music

In addition, below is another video—Take Me Home.

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