Missing Jack Bauer of 24?

It seems so strange that January is nearing its end and yet on Fox there’s a gap, a hole on Monday nights.  It brings a long moment of sadness.

I don’t know about you, but I miss Jack Bauer and company.  Found some YouTube clips that remind us why this television series was remarkable—the 24 hour countdown; the various plots; the characters, the good guys and beautiful gals and the nasty bad guys and nefarious gals.

Jack, Tony and President Palmer


Tony and Michelle



Chloe O’Brien and Jack


Seasons 1-8 Review



24: In Memoriam


Hope you enjoy these videos.  There are a lot out there.  Jack Bauer may be off the schedule, but he is not going to be forgotten.

There is hope that Fox will approve the movie script one day soon.

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One thought on “Missing Jack Bauer of 24?

  1. We are watching “24” all seasons back to back on Netflix. We too really miss Jack and everyone from season 1 and on. Its weird, sorta like family you know?
    Looking forward to a movie soon.


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