Jordan Rice: A Teenage Hero-Gone Too Soon

There are sacrifices made on this planet every day by those who are true heroes.

Jordan Rice was one of these heroes. 

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Jordan Rice, 13, was killed in the city of Toowoomba, 80 miles west of Brisbane, as his family car was swamped. The teenager had insisted that rescuers take his 10-year-old brother, Blake, first. Seconds later, Jordan and his mother Donna, 43, were swept away.


DONNA Rice knew her son Jordan was terrified of water and couldn’t swim. But as the teenager crouched on the top of his mother’s car in the main street of Toowoomba on Monday – water raging around them – he begged a rescuer to save his little brother Blake first.

Jordan died a hero when he and his mother were swept away before the truckie who pulled Blake to safety was able to return for them.

The rope tying mother and son to the car snapped and the pair were tossed into the swirling floods.

Jordan’s father John Tyson described Ms Rice as a wonderful mother who loved cooking and gardening: “She would go without to give her boys everything. She was the most incredible person.”

Mr Tyson described Jordan as a good, quiet kid who loved music and drawing: “He was the exact opposite from all the others.

“He’d wear purple and chrome boots and red skinny jeans and one of those real sad penguin golf shirts.”

Jordan was to have started high school in a fortnight.

To place someone else’s life before yours is truly a spirit of sacrifice on this planet traversing the cosmos.  With so much tragedy a young teenager gives the ultimate sacrifice to save his younger brother from the raging flood waters–truly, a brave young soul whose sacrifice will not be in vain.

Both Jordan and his mother died together, but they knew before they closed their eyes in the sleep of death that Blake, ten years old, was safe.  This must have been some comfort to them as the raging waters took their lives.

Let us all reflect on the daily struggles going on around us on this 14th day of January…If possible, reach out a helping hand to those in need. Be a true hero to someone.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

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