Christina Taylor Green: An American Tragedy

Christina Taylor Green



USA Today:

The six individuals who were killed on Saturday:

Dupnik said the six killed included 9-year-old Christina Greene; 30-year-old Gifford aide Gabe Zimmerman, and federal Judge John Roll, 63, who had just stopped by to see his friend Giffords after attending Mass. Also killed were 76-year-old Dorthy Murray, 76-year-old Dorwan Stoddard, and 79-year-old Phyllis Scheck, investigators said.“We in the judiciary have suffered the terrible loss of one of our own,” said Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. ” Chief Judge John Roll was a wise jurist who selflessly served Arizona and the nation with great distinction, as attorney and judge, for more than 35 years. I express my deepest condolences to his wife Maureen and his children, as well as the other victims and their families. Chief Judge Roll’s death is a somber reminder of the importance of the rule of law and the sacrifices of those who work to secure it.”

Christina Taylor Green

Huffington Post:

Featured in the book Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11, Christina was described by family members as a vibrant individual and someone who was excited about life, according to KVOA. The local outlet reports they called her “the best daughter in the world.”



“She came in on a tragedy and now she’s gone out on a tragedy,” her father John, a scout for the LA Dodgers baseball team, said on Sunday. “But the nine years in between were very special.” His voice cracking, Mr Green said on behalf of his wife Roxanna and son Dallas: “We’re all going to miss Christina. We were four people, and now we’re three.”

Her mother said: “She went to learn today, and then someone with so much hatred in their heart took the lives of innocent people. “She was a strong girl, a very good athlete and a strong swimmer. She was interested in everything. She got a guitar for Christmas so her next thing was learning to play guitar.” Mrs Green later added: “She was a beautiful girl, and she’d want us all to be strong, and courageous and brave like she was.


The Guardian:

Like the 49 other children whose portraits are contained in the book, one for every state, Christina Taylor Green was born on September 11 2001, amid the noise and dust clouds of the terrorist attacks. Her life began in Maryland at 12.50pm, four hours and four minutes after the first plane hit the Twin Towers.

For the author of the book, Christine Naman, Green and the other 9/11 babies represented “the hope and the light that was uniting our country as one home”. But at around 10.10 am local time on Saturday, in Tucson Arizona, Green’s symbolic life became a symbolic death, epitomising the despair and darkness engulfing a disunited America.

She was gunned down outside a Safeway supermarket for no other reason than she was, at the age of nine, precociously interested in politics.


Christina Taylor Green was the typical 9 year old who enjoyed life.  As the above posts indicated, she was born on a tragic day in America—September 11, 2001.

On another tragic day in America, January 8, 2011 her short life ended outside a Safeway Store.  Her death bridges 9 years of misery, death and war that this world has witnessed. 

What can you say to her parents, family and friends, especially her school mates?  There is no rational, logical statement, no sound bite, and no political spin which will soothe their heart grief.  This was cold blooded murder—totally senseless and without purpose. 

However, for her family and classmates more is needed than a memorial.  The senseless violence which plagues our world must come to an end.  How many more children must die for whatever reason?

In the USA where political opponents can be marked by gun sights and vitriolic rhetoric, it seems that civilized discourses and disagreements are met with violence in word and deed. Too many individuals are taking a gun to resolve their differences, grievances, and accepted conspiracy theories.

People live in fear on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Will it ever be safe, totally safe?

With all of our advances in science, technology and education, when it comes down to the bare essence of the human genome, savagery is still the dominant characteristic of our species. Extreme politics and religion seem to aggravate this trait.

The hope of tomorrow is that the children will learn to live and work together on this planet if they are given the opportunity.  With the current stream of time and events, tomorrow is a dark shadow for the human race, especially for the children of this world.  However, there must a glimmer of hope in order to carry on the struggle for a world where all people are equal and live in peace. 

What will you do in 2011 to help the Christinas of your communities, your places of worship, and your schools?  What will you do to keep the children safe, especially yours?

Sad ponderings on this 10th day of January…

G. D. Williams       © 2011


10 thoughts on “Christina Taylor Green: An American Tragedy

  1. Christine had a purpose for living…..and now God wants her in his tender loving arms. Born one such a tragic day 9/11 and died at the ten age of 9/ 2011. 9/11. She was an exceptionally blessed child. May her soul rest in peace.


  2. my name is lori and im from michigan, i am the grandmother of chloey ann stoudt 7 yr old who was bruitley murderd last april the 28th.we are of a strong faith as well and we will be praying for all to get thru is so hard but with the comfort of our savior we do survive one day one min. at time if needed.u r in our thoughts and prayers daily.she is ok . and shes with the lord, keep the faith, keep the faith


  3. What a beautiful little girl you were Christine. The
    Country will always remember you. You were like
    an angel here on Earth. You will be missed by so
    many. Now you are in Heaven and looking down
    on everyone here. WE LOVE YOU.


  4. I’m sitting here reading this crying wishing this was not real – what a wonderful and precious person to have had on our earth for such a short period of time. I am sure Christine is back in heaven.


  5. My heart aches at this terrible lost of this little angle. my prayers are with the parents and her little brother. the world grieves with you. Love is Stronger than death.


  6. We are a young country. Obama rightly showed us the wisdom of a child who could see optimistically past the cynicism, untrustworthy banks, failed industries, corrupt and unresponsive political system, and look directly into the heart of children’s expectations of this republic. Dear Christine is no less a figure than Anne Frank. All children can teach us if only we listen. We must do better and we must become the dream Christine dreamt.


  7. There is the same principle as the Christina Taylor Green: Scott Calvin Dieter. Scott Calvin Dieter was the adoptive son of former United States Army Captain Craig Brian Eric and Beth Ann (Laufer) Dieter. Dieter was shot dead for no apparent reason. Thank God, Scott’s gunman was shot dead by Ben Campbell, and at least it can save taxpayers a lot of money for a trial, and Campbell was a hero!


  8. There is another like Christina Taylor Green: Gloria Janice (Parsons) Koch Leonidas. Leonidas was involved the relighting of the Statue of Liberty and she was the direct descendant of the American Revolution, Confederate Veterans, and American Colonists. May the memory be eternal! God bless.


  9. There is another like Christina Taylor Green: Everett L. Greathouse. He was shot dead and they are going to name the park after him!


  10. There is another one like Christina Taylor Green: Ryan Christopher “Stack” Clark. Clark was born on May 29, 1984, shares the same birthday as the very last American Slave, Sylvester Magee. Magee’s last words, “Lord, Have Mercy.” That is a fitting end.


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