There Are No Dreams In Aidenn

For its gates are closed.

Weeping at the gates of Aidenn

Remembering what was

Knowing what will be nevermore

Aidenn is Lost

Longing to catch stardust

Wishing for the day

Dreading the night outside of the gates

Inside the gates protection

Outside the gates dangers

O! Aidenn, Aidenn, a thousand tears of regret

A thousand memories of beauty unspoiled

Our innocence left within the gates

Our journey from Aidenn has been long

Our nights encompass us with coldness

Our days blanket us with a fever

O! For a cup of water from the springs of Aidenn

For a handful of fruit to quench the hunger of the soul

There we once dwelt

Peace and security

All needs met

No want known

Out of the gates into the reality

Reality- a shadow of Aidenn

A harsh taskmaster

Cruel fate-

Howling winds of those demons which were kept outside the gates

Now, we dwell in their wasteland of dark shadows

Where is Aidenn?

Will we ever see our precious country again?

Alas!  Lost and agony are our path now

Never to traverse the path to Aidenn

We will never bathe in the sunrise again

We will never experience the joy of day

We will never be touched by the sunset

We will not look upon the stars again

Our memories of Aidenn are fading

O! How we are fallen and our dreams no longer have a place in Aidenn.

For us there are no dreams in Aidenn.

G. D. Williams       © 2011

Amy Grant: Innocence Lost

I find this song by Amy Grant haunting. The melody is touching in a sad way. Innocence lost is something that we all can comment on this 8th day of January since we live on this planet traversing the cosmos.

We all seek what has been lost over time. Our current lives are a commentary on our daily struggles and triumphs.

For many they seek comfort in their religious tradition like Amy Grant.  For others they just continue living, hoping for a better tomorrow for themselves and family.

Innocence lost…lost dreams…