Faith On The Hill: Religious Makeup of the New Congress Looks LIke The Old

The Huffington Post gives a full report of the United States 112th Congress’ religious affiliations with a link to The Pew Forum.  Quoting from the Forum:

Perhaps the greatest disparity between the religious makeup of Congress and the people it represents, however, is in the percentage of the unaffiliated – those who describe their religion as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular.” According to information gathered by CQ Roll Call and the Pew Forum, no members of Congress say they are unaffiliated. By contrast, about one-sixth of U.S. adults (16%) are not affiliated with any particular faith. Only six members of the 112th Congress (about 1%) do not specify a religious affiliation, which is similar to the percentage of the public that says they don’t know or refuses to specify their faith.–The-Religious-Composition-of-the-112th-Congress.aspx

The article has a storehouse of information.  Good reading if you have an interest in this type of research.

Does faith affects a person’s decision making?  Does it affect how they vote in Congress?

If a representative or Senator is devout, how can they represent those who are not of their faith or who hold no religious affiliation?  Can a religious individual be impartial to societal issues where his/her faith objects to the pending bill or amendments?  

Is social policy affected by religion?  In many countries it is. In many countries religion and government are inseparable.

Could the USA become a theocracy like a number of nations?  Do you feel that this will happen in your life time?  If it did, would it be bad? Is religion a good thing in government?

Have you ever suffered religious persecution? Would you persecute or discriminate against someone because of their religion or lack thereof?  

There are many other questions which can be raised, but I will leave them to you.  Think about it and then look at your children.  What does the future hold for them?

Ponderings on the 6th day of January…

G. D. Williams       © 2011