This video by David Bayliss is exquisite.  The beauty and biodiversity of earth is just plain amazing.

The video only gives a brief glimpse of the richness of flora and fauna on this planet traversing the cosmos.  However, it is worth 3 minutes of your precious time.

The beautiful song playing in the background is Eria. It is a Welsh folksong.

Humanity; The most intelligent species on the planet, capable of anything, but is governed by its aggression and youth. A species fast in development slow in maturing.

Once a species that cared about its home, its provider, let its ego dominate its decisions.  A period of ignorance and neglect has had profound effects across the world. Effects, which can be reversed, if nature is given the time to repair itself.

Remember: We have only one home. David Bayliss

G. D. Williams       © 2011

6 thoughts on “Earth

  1. The u-tube video `Earth’ by David Bayliss is really lovely but the comment about humanity would appear far better and look more intelligent if the writer understood how to use the apostrophe! There is no such thing as a possessive `it’. It’s can only mean `it is’.
    This misuse turns David’s wonderful sentiment into rubbish!


  2. I really love the video “Earth” … but David – you really need to change the spelling of “it’s”… that spelling makes it the conjunctive form of “it is”… The possessive form of “it” has no apostrophe… kind of takes away from the awesomeness of the introduction you wrote for the film..


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