Spain adopts one of Europe’s strictest smoking bans

As Health Ministry Leire Pajin stated in this France 24’s article:

Around 50,000 people died each year in Spain as a result of smoking-related illnesses, with around 1,200 of those being nonsmokers who inhaled secondhand smoke.

On this third day of 2011 one must ask the question—why would anyone want to smoke when the medical and scientific evidence clearly indicate it is a death sentence to the smoker and unfortunately to those who must be around the smoke—1200 people a year die from secondhand smoke in Spain. When you add the rest of the global community, you have a staggering number of bystanders who got in the way of killer tobacco.

Here’s a web site which has statistics on global smoking.  There are many other ones out there:

The World Health Organization web site:


Personal account:

My mother began smoking two packs of cigarettes at the age of fourteen.  She continued this insidious habit until she entered the ICU at the hospital.  She never left the ICU.  At her death she was 62 years of age.  The doctor told me that her lung capacity was at 5% at the time of her last stroke.  She had a mild stroke two years before, but she continued her two packs a day.

She attempted to quit a number of times over the years.  She went cold turkey like her older brother, but she fell back into the habit—morning coffee and a cigarette.  Nicotine and caffeine are a lethal combination—two dastardly cousins who wreck havoc with the human system.

Nicotine gum, patches, and quit smoking health programs, etc., were of little use to her in her quest to quit.  Ultimately, it was death which gave her release from her vicious habit, her enslavement to tobacco.

Do smokers have rights?  Of course, they do.  Do non-smokers have rights to be freed of secondhand smoke?  Definitely.

I remember going to a popular restaurant a few years ago before smoking was banned in my region.  We asked to be seated as far away from the smoking section as possible.  As we sat there enjoying our fine Italian meal, I noticed a faint odor in the air.  We were near the ventilation system which was recycling the air.  Of course, the smoke from the smoking section was being recycled through the whole restaurant.  There is no place in a restaurant or public building to be free of second smoke because of the air system-recycling of smoke-tainted air is not a benefit to the planet’s denizens.

Life on this planet traversing the cosmos is fragile.  Humans and animals are susceptible to toxic chemicals in their ecosystem.  Tobacco smoke is a toxic chemical.

Children of smokers are prisoners.  They cannot escape the chemicals they inhale from a smoking parent, especially in an automobile or house or apartment.

If you smoke, do your children a favor in 2011—quit!  You will live longer, have better health and get to enjoy a privilege of being a grandparent or great grandparent.

My mother’s grandparent days were less than ten years.  She has missed out on a lot since she died—Christmases, graduations, birthdays and marriages.

The health of the planet is a concern which we all must share.  The health and well-being of our fellow travellers should be our concern as well as we journey together.

Ponderings on January 3….

G. D. Williams       © 2011