Sir David Attenborough: Flying Monsters

Quetzalcoatlus & Sir David Attenborough


Sir David Attenborough discusses his latest venture—Flying  Monsters and retirement.

As stated in the Telegraph article below:

Retiring?” he splutters incredulously. “I can’t imagine why I would want to: this is such fun. I can’t believe my luck that at my age there should be so many things to do. And it is luck, because I know plenty of people of my age who are in bath chairs.”

There is no bath chair in the future for this youthful 84 year old.  Retirement is a certain sentence of death unless you have planned a lot of activities to keep your mind and body active.  If you love what you do, why retire?

For Sir David life on this planet is filled with things to do.  How is it with you this day after Christmas?  How is your life?

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