I’m Sending a Letter to Santa Claus

Each year thousands and tens of thousands of letters are written to Santa Claus. The requests for toys and electronic gadgets are an endless stream.

However, there are those letters from children that cut straight to the heart, the soul.  The song by Vera Lynn below is about one of those letters.

What does the letter expect Santa to do for the writer?  It is simple—to bring his daddy home from the war on Christmas morning.

So simple, yet so difficult even for Santa Claus to perform this request. Christmas may be a time of miracles, but  . . .

War is a reality that has plagued humans since the beginning.  Human nature allows the drama of its darkest places to become visible in war.

So many young lives have given their precious blood over the countless centuries. You would think that mutual co-existence and efforts to better the planet for all of its citizens would be the optimal way of living on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Alas, war continues into 2011.  Let’s remember those children whose father or mother is serving their country on Christmas morning.  Let’s remember those parents who sit around the Christmas table looking at empty chairs of their children who serve or have given their lives in the service of their country. Holidays are sad days for those who have suffered a loss.

The greatest present on Christmas for a child is a parent’s love.  Toys and gadgets will break over time, but a parent’s love will last a lifetime.

Let’s all strive to make 2011 a better year.  There has to be a better logic in operation on the governmental level where war is not an option.  Aren’t we civilized? Aren’t we the most intelligent species on the planet? I often wonder about our apparent arrogance on this planet. What is the cosmic view of our world?  There has to be a cosmic view just based on the size of the cosmos.

Ponderings on this December day…

G. D. Williams       © 2010