“Where is Santa? Why didn’t he come last night?”


Going through some old files in my vast collection of newspaper clippings, I came across this Christmas Op-Ed piece from the December 8, 1977 edition of the Southern Accent, a Tennessee newspaper.  Listed below is the piece in its entirety.

A boy wakes up and jumps from his bed.  The coldness of the room isn’t noticed by him as he dashes to his window. 

Falling snow greets his eyes.  The outside is like a fairyland to him as he imagines the fun that he and his cousins will have in the snow, so fresh and innocent.  A thought comes to him.  “It’s Christmas.”  He races to the living room bubbling with hope.

All lies in silence.  He is the first one up, and as he bursts into the living room, his hopes fade into his deepest fears.  There is no tree of shining lights and decorations, no stockings line the mantle of the cold fireplace, no presents are in sight, no sweet smells from the kitchen fill the air.  All is as it was the night before.

 Standing there, he is gripped by a mysterious sadness, tears begin to flow down his cheeks, and he runs to the window.  As he presses his face against it, he cries, “Where is Santa? Why didn’t he come last night?”

Christmas–what does it mean?  I am sure that our Christmas morning will be very different from our story.  We will go to bed the night with an anxious joy for the morning.  The last sight to greet our eyes will be a beautiful tree loaded with gifts.  Seasonal music will be playing and maybe snow will be falling outside our window as we go to bed.

Morning will bring its delights and its surprises.  There will be fun, excitement, food, music, and just maybe a parade and a football game or a time of visiting friends and relatives.  I am sure that some of these will find their way into our Christmas, and there is nothing wrong in enjoying these precious moments.

We will have much to be thankful for.  We will have much to enjoy, but in all of this, our story remains as it is for the boys and girls who will have no Christmas morning.  “Where is Santa?  Why didn’t he come last night?”  What can we do to help answer that or help prevent it for someone?

 Every year there are a number of families who choose a child or children and help make their Christmas morning a reality.  The local welfare agency or even in your local church their names can be found.  Wouldn’t it be in the spirit of the season for us to make a Christmas come true for such a child?  It only costs a small amount, but it takes sharing yourself.

Think about it.  Have a Happy Christmas!!

A week from today is Christmas.  What type of Christmas morning will it be for you?  How about your neighbor?  The children in your community?  The elderly?  The single parent struggling to make ends meet?

Listed below is the old song The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot.

Will Santa forget a child in your community this coming Saturday?

G. D. Williams       © 2010