Bad Day In Britain


On this December day we will take a look at the latest news from London.

It was a bad day in many aspects.

Unfortunately, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were caught in a riot initiated by a group of angry students. The royal couple was shaken, but they did not suffer any injuries.

The full Telegraph story is listed below:

Thousands of students also protested in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Belfast, Brighton and Swansea. In Glasgow marchers targeted businesses they claimed were avoiding paying tax to the Treasury.

There seems to be a lot of unrest in the world this December.  However, violence never accomplishes desired goals.  Changes come about in a timely, orderly manner.

It is understandable that students are upset about changes in tuition and fees in Great Britain. It only takes a few individuals to begin a riot in a crowd.  It is a poor reflection on the college-age students that they allow their emotions, especially anger, to be manipulated by the few.

History has shown that often students have been used for political ends by those who seek a disruption of normal government operations and services.  These nefarious types are a real danger to a democracy.

Peaceful protests bring about gradual change.  A mob brings about anarchy and terror and as always, it is the innocents who suffer the most.

One last thought: my grandmother had a descriptive term for these nefarious types who dwell among us—hoodlums.  I think the word is still applicable today.

So it is on the day in December 2010…

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2 thoughts on “Bad Day In Britain

  1. I live in thr bay area and I too have witnessed a pointless protest among college students. While at my last semester at san francisco state university, students protested by having a huge rave on campus. A majority of the students were young and intoxicated. Not only did they not get their point across through the “protest,” but students spray painted the campus as well. So, yes, hoodlums is a great discription of individuals like that. Great post.


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