The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe

This 1914 art work depicts a people thankful for the guidance of Providence.  Unfortunately, the Native Americans sitting with the Europeans would not be thankful for the intrusion into their lands.  Native Americans would suffer the manifest destiny of a European movement which they could not stop.  Their way of life would gradually fade over the course of the next three centuries.

As previous stated in another post, November is Native American Heritage Month.  It would be well to take some time to contemplate how Native Americans made this country by having their birthright so savagely ripped from their hands.

History is written by the winners.  Now, history is being rewritten to emphasize certain conservative values with some distortions tossed into the mix by people who know as much about history as they do about a global view.  Let us not even mention a cosmic view.

Perhaps, at this Thanksgiving when you offer your prayer before you consume the turkey, ham or non-meat option, you will pause to remember those who helped to provide a country where you can feast all day, watch football, and go shopping till you drop on Black Friday.  The heritage of current Americans can be traced back to the picture above.

The past is always waiting for an opportunity to reinsert itself into the present.  The living past is part of us, of our composition which seeks an avenue of expression.

At this Thanksgiving time do we rejoice at our blessings?  Do we make comments which our children will repeat in the years to come about individuals or people groups whom we dislike or distrust?  When we celebrate our last Thanksgiving on this planet what kind of place do we want to leave as our legacy lives on in our family and friends?

Ponderings on this Thanksgiving season in 2010….

G. D. Williams       © 2010